3 Ways Hope Empowers Big Presentations

Michael Gibson
3 min readDec 21, 2020

Three Ways Hope Empowers Big Presentations

You take a deep breath, stand up, move to the front, and speak. Each step requires you to overcome fear. Which leads to the question: Why are you doing this? Why take the risk? It takes courage to stand up and speak up. There must be a “why” that moves you to overcome fear and make your voice heard. So, what is it? What is important enough to move you out of your seat and up to the front? What is your hope?

Notice that these questions do not focus on the topic of your presentation. Your hope is bigger than the topic. Your hope empowers the topic. This presentation is just one step along the way toward your hope.

Examples of Hope

What am I talking about? Here are a few examples.

Kelle hopes to achieve mobile work that will allow her to work from anywhere while not worrying about her ability to pay the bills. Hope empowers her work.

Audrey hopes to build nursing experiences that will equip her to travel globally while providing services in places where quality health care is unavailable. Hope empowers her daily service.

Larisa hopes to build a counseling career that will help couples achieve maintain healthy relationships. Hope empowers her study.

I hope to provide educational products that produce passive income leading to financial freedom and the freedom to travel. Hope empowers my writing and teaching.

How Hope Empowers

  1. Hope Looks Beyond the Present
    All moments are not created equal. We all have good days and bad days, fun tasks and tedium, things we look forward to, and things we dread. Hope looks beyond the present task and holds to the belief that no matter how good or bad the present, the future is going to be better. The hope we are reaching for will create a better tomorrow. Hope empowers optimism.
  2. Hope Creates Perspective
    When facing challenges and failures, they will threaten to fill your field of vision. The difficulties can cause you to squint in ways that blur the bigger picture. It is easy to lose sight of the reason for all this work. Hope empowers. When we keep our hope in mind, it creates perspective. It reminds you to step back, look around, stop squinting, and see the challenges as small when compared with the glorious hope before us. Hope empowers a bigger perspective.
  3. Hope Provides Meaning
    Hope fills in the blank. Why are you doing this work? Why are you putting in the time and putting fear behind you? Why are you making sacrifices? When others ask. When frustrations make you question your decisions, hope provides meaning. Hope empowers perseverance. It allows you to say, “Because…” and then fill in the blank with your hope.

What Hope Moves You?

Your hope is what moves you to push back that chair and step to the front. When fear threatens to distract you, remember your hope. It is the reason you are here. It is bigger than the fear.

As you pursue your hope, Big Presentations can provide encouragement and guidance.

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So, what about you?

What is your hope?

How does your hope empower you?



Michael Gibson

Michael Gibson is a speaker, trainer, and instructional designer. His book, Big Presentations in Small Rooms, is available at Amazon.