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4 min readJul 20, 2021


The Big Presentations in Small Rooms concept is growing! What started as a book inspired a blog, a podcast, an online community, and more is coming!

Due to increased visibility, I am having more conversations with people who approach me out in public. They have seen the blog, heard the podcast, or been invited to the Workplace Presentations Hub. They are curious about the idea and wondering if it can help them in their workplace.

Workplace Presentations can be something to smile about. Photo by Petr Sevcovic on Unsplash;

For example…

I was talking to a friend the other day. We were discussing The Workplace Presentations Hub. It is an online community for people whose work involves presentations. He said that he didn’t feel like his work involved presentations — until we started talking about workplace meetings, updates, reports, and testimonials. Then he realized that he does a lot of presentations. He didn’t know that those presentations qualified as being presentations.

Then my friend realized he does a lot of presentations and that they are stressful for him. He’s afraid that he will stumble over his words or forget what he was supposed to say.

Does this sound familiar?

Those are common fears. I could tell my friend was looking to see if there were any tips I could offer. Here are a few things I shared with him.

Workplace Presenters can find community at The Workplace Presentations Hub.


When people are in a workplace presentation, they focus more on themselves than on you. They are looking for helpful information and perhaps guidance. If you provide these with a humble and helpful spirit, the presentation will be appreciated.

They are not concerned about how slick you are; they want to see if you can provide what they need. It is more about being helpful than it is about being perfect.

Imagine how frustrating it would be for someone to get up and flawlessly deliver irrelevant information.



Michael Gibson

Michael Gibson is a speaker, trainer, and instructional designer. His book, Big Presentations in Small Rooms, is available at Amazon.